Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my very first post! 🙂 This is quite an endeavor for me so I ask everyone to keep their fingers, toes and paws crossed that I can succeed. Without further ado…..Let’s get started!

This blog is being created so that I may share my thoughts and knowledge about dog training and behavior to my family and friends. It is a way to reach so many in hopes of keeping more dogs in their homes with quality time spent with their human families. You will find posts on many topics such as dog body language, training equipment, public perception, puppy training, training techniques, activities to do with your dog, simple training behaviors and much, much more. I will also include posts on the progression of my own dog’s training and what I experienced during the process. My hopes is this will show the general public it really isn’t that difficult to have a well-trained dog if you dedicate time and are consistent with your dog’s training from day one; and two, we all have hurdles to overcome with our dog’s training, even myself. But most importantly it is to show that training should always be fun and challenging!

Now, you are probably wondering what makes me an appropriate author of such a blog. Well, the simplest answer is I am a passionate advocate for our furry four-legged companions. This passion started when I was still in elementary school and continued to blossom as I grew older. I always had a way with all animals but I felt most comfortable with the canine family, never feeling intimidated but knowing to respect them with my whole being. This transitioned to my attendance and graduation from Triple Crown Academy, one of the nation’s top schools for canine training and behavior, in 2003. Since then I have pursued many avenues through the dog training world including personal protection, in-kennel training, service dog training, therapy dog work, behavior modification, assisting local rescues with rehabilitating foster dogs, becoming a foster mom to more than 20 puppies and much more. I continue to read books, articles and newsletters on canine behavior and training theories as well as watch educational videos in my spare time. This passion is forever and therefor I am forever in debt to the dogs of my life for helping me fulfill my dream.


What better way to introduce myself than with a selfie of my dog and I.
What better way to introduce myself than with a selfie of my dog and I.

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